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H.H. Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qassimi


Population 400,339

is situated between Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah interrupted by the small enclave of Ajman. Its coastline runs to approximately thirty kilometres along the Arabian Gulf. Sophisticated highways connect it to the other emirates. Sharjah was once part of a single emirate along with Ras Al Khaimah ruled by the Al Qawasim family. H.H. Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qassimi took over as Ruler in 1972 - a scholar in History, he has been conferred with a PhD (Doctorate in Philosophy) for his outstanding work. Under his able guidance, Sharjah has made rapid progress.

   Today, it is known as the Cultural capital of the U.A.E.Sharjah is the headquarters for the UAE Authors' and Writers' Union which has over a hundred publications to its credit. In 1971, the discovery of the Mubarak oilfield near the island of Abu Musa changed the fortunes of the emirate. In 1981, after Mubarak's reserves started dwindling, Saja's onshore gas and liquid gas field was discovered which gave a further boost to its revenues. Sharjah was also the first port in the entire middle east to possess fully equipped container facilities at the Sharjah Container Terminal.Its impressive port at Khorfakkan provides important facilities for ships that do not need to enter the Gulf.

   Sharjah is also the capital of Cricket in the U.A.E. It is now famous in the sub-continent and throughout the cricketing world as a major venue for One Day Internationals. Sharjah was one of the first emirates to promote tourism. The peaceful hamlets of Khorfakkan and Kalba are a major tourist attraction and provide a getaway from the hustle bustle of the city life.

The Strategic Heart of the Emirates

   Sharjah is the U.AE.'s third largest Emirate and covers 2,600 sq. kIll. Overlooking the Arabian Gulf from the West and the Gulf of Oman from the East -its unique position makes itone of the most geographically diverse of the Emirates.Part of the Emirate is bordered by Dubai and Ajman on either side, while the other part extends east of the Gulf of Oman and is dotted by three scenic cities -Khorfakkan, Dibba and Kalba. Although spread out, Sharjah borders all other Emirates in the UAE and has some of the most diverse scenery in the UAE as well as superb waterfront areas -including islands. Fertile farmlands and many off-beat beautiful oases, mainly at Al Dhaid, which is now a full fledged city just a half hour away from metropolitan Sharjah city centre are all part of Sharjah's natural beauty.

Strategic location, cost effective operational costs -and tax free business

   Sharjah has a clear strategic advantage in tenI1S of sea/air cargo and a unique benefit with two free zones located on either side of the Emirates -served by the biggest cargo handling airport in the Middle East. Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines and many others call Sharjah their cargo base for all the right reasons -excellent, cost effective service. State of the art communications, superb infrastructure and easy access to nearly all connecting points worldwide backed by low operational costs is all part of what makes Sharjah a strong choice for business development.

A Tourist Destination - Since 1932

   Sharjah's special strategic location at the centre of the Emirates has made Sharjah a leader in seIVing international traffic for the last 65 years. Sprawling across the beaches of the Gulf of Oman, extending over a vast area of valleys and mountains -international flights were operating out of Sharjah's historic airport (Now converted into the AI Mahatta Museum (Aviation Museum) long before oil was discovered in the UAE. Sharjah city is surrounded with a number of waterfront hotels, lakefront properties, apartment buildings, restaurants and outstanding parks -all of which makeSharjah a tourist attraction for people from allover the world.

   Traditional hospitality and memorable shopping Sharjah is a blend of the old and the new, where east and west meet with a magical confluence which is at once sophisticated and exotic. Modem hotels jostle for space with quaint mosques and department stores vie with traditional souqs to form the modem city of Sharjah. Famous for its hospitality and blend of past with present, the Central Souq is a destination that no tourist in the Northern Emirates fails to enjoy for a unique shopping experience. Nearly every tourist takes home a piece of memorabilia, a fine carpet, finely worked brass and copper utensils or exquisitely finished brass inlaid wooden furniture and items from Sharjah's famous souqs -a trip that has to be made!